Amy-Louise Hillan

Personal Details


Birthday : 17th April


Lives : Cumbernauld


Years on Squad : First Year


Occupation : Dance Teacher


Height : 163cm


Eyes : Blue


Hair : Blonde


Nickname : Amz


Star Sign : Aries



Questions & Answers


Been dancing since : 2 years old


Fav style : Commercial / Jazz / Contemporary


Advice to aspiring dancers : Never Give Up - everything’s achievable


Best advice ever given to me : Fake it till you make it (go full out even if you don’t have the full technique of the steps - don’t let your face show it!)


Earliest Childhood memory : dropping my ninja turtle lunch box outside nursery and my orange rolling away and pieces flying everywhere :-)


What I do to keep fit : bodybuilding & dancing


3 words to describe me : kind, positive, caring.


How friends would some me up in one sentence: “you are Creative, Daft as a brush Funny & you are very Random sometimes”


Happiest when : spending time with my family


Claim to fame : I was a professional footballer


If I had a different job I’d be : fire fighter


Hobbies : Bodybuilding, playing Football , interior design


Pets : none


Most people don’t know this about me : I nearly died in a hair dye incident. A hairdresser never gave me a patch test and I ended up in the burns unit nearly losing my life in 2011.


Gladiator name : The Mighty Mouse


Things that really annoy me : fake people


Fav food : Mince & Potatoes


Fav movie : Matilda


Ideal weekend : Shopping, eating out & movies with my family


Fav colour : Orange


Fav Perfume : Marc Jacobs decadence


Fav nail polish colour : Nude/Pink


Fav sport : Dance


Fav Chocolate Bar : Milky Bar


Fav Cake : Hot choc fudge cake


Jaffa cake is a cake !


Fav pizza : American Sizzler


Signature Dish : Chicken & Rice haha (bodybuilding = eat sleep and breathe chicken)


Last meal would be : Nandos


Fav cartoon character : Woody


Fav super hero : Spider-Man


How would you spend £1million : I pay my close family’s mortgages off & by a holiday home.


If I met god I would ask him - what happens when you die?


If aliens landed I’d show them - where we do the toilet


In previous life I think I was - a man


The meaning of life I think - is to live every day as it comes, be kind always because you never know what others are battling behind closed doors.


If I could time travel to the past I’d go back to spend time with lost friends and family. If I could go to the future I’d go see where my family end up when I’m gone.


If I had a superpower I’d like to be invisible & go spend the day with celebrities


If you looked in the trunk of my car you would find : a pram & dancing equipment.


How many pairs of shoes do I own: around 50


Trainers or shoes? TRAINERS I'M ADDICTED


Fav outfit : gym clothes


Stranded on a dessert island 3 items I’d take would be - sun cream, music player & water since I’m stranded I may as well get sunbathe to some music and stay hydrated.


Who would I want as lead man in my movie : Dwayne Johnstone coz he’s a big babe!


The people I most admire : mothers, because being a mum is the most hard, crazy experience that there is. What a job, they all deserve the world!


The best gift I’ve ever received : a letter from one of my dance pupils doctor thanking me for the work I do as the pupil has spina biffida and wasn’t meant to walk and the letter states that if it wasn’t for my work and care the little girl wouldn’t be walking yet alone dancing.


If my house was on fire my most cherished item to Grab would be - my memory box for family that are no longer with me.


Ideal car passenger - someone who likes to sing and dance along to the radio


Best thing about being a Rockettes dancer - is being part of an amazing group of girls who all share the same work ethic & love for dance on top of having other jobs and life commitments.