Carole Anne Deeney – Dance Team Manager

Personal Details…


Birthday: 14th July


Lives: Glasgow


Years on Squad: All of them!


Occupation: Project Manager


Height: 5' 7"


Eye Colour: Blue


Hair Colour: Brown


Nickname: CA or Raptor (the girls' name for me when I'm stressed)


Star Sign: Cancer


Questions & Answers…


Been dancing since: I was knee-high to a grasshopper… a teeny weeny 2-years-old!


Dance Experience: I've trained in jazz, ballet, stage, tap and traditional Scottish Highland dancing.


Favourite style of dance: Hmmm, that's a difficult question because I love all styles… I think jazz is my favourite though.


What advice would you give to aspiring dancers? Always give 110% – You can be the best if you want to be. But understand that no-one can do it for you – it's all up to you. It won't come without hard work but always remember you have the potential!


Best advice ever given to me: Treat others the way you would like to would like to be treated yourself!!


What I do to keep fit: Dance, dance and errrr dance some more! And I enjoy a work-out in the gym in-between… especially the box/circuit class – it's a tough one!


Three words that describe me are: Kind, loving and a total perfectionist!


How would friends sum you up in one sentence? I don't know – ask Kelly?


I'm happiest when: …I'm dancing! :-)


My most unusual job: Being a cheerleader is quite an unusual part-time job in itself. However some of the events we are asked to attend aren't always what you would expect… for example I was asked to abseil down the Sky Park building in Glasgow… I was petrified!


If I had a different job I'd be: A pilot.


My hobbies are: To be honest I don't get much time for hobbies outwith the Rockettes but I enjoy a bit of shopping if that counts?


Pets: none :-(


Most people don't know this about me: I used to write a column for the sports section of the Daily Record newspaper called 'The Fit ladies'.


What would your Gladiator name be? Raptor of course! :-)


I've never been able to: Speak another language! But watch this space… I am taking Spanish classes at the moment!


Things that really annoy me: People with bad lane discipline on the motorway – it's so frustrating.



Favourite food: I love Italian.


Favourite movie: Any of the Batman movies!


What song will definitely get you up on the dance floor? Mr. Brightside by The Killers – it's my favourite song in the whole wide world. :-)


What CD do you have in your car stereo at the moment? Well not to show off or anything, but I have a 6 CD system in my car so here is my list at the moment:


1. Hot Fuzz by The Killers – favourite track: Mr. Brightside.


2. The Best of Enrique – I love all his tracks and we regularly do a wee duet whilst I'm driving :-)


3. Kings of Leon – favourite track: Sex is on Fire.


4. The CD Kelly made for me with all our favourite clubbing tracks – Kelly and my favourite clubbing track is The Freaks, The Creeps!


5. Timbaland – too many favourites on this album :-)


6. My Spanish CD – Teaches me useful phrases in Spanish. Me Gusta!


If you could have a walk-on part in any TV show, what would it be? Oh Prison Break… I would definitely help Michael escape from prison :-) Oh hold on, I would quite like a part in CSI too in the crime lab… oh AND a part in NCIS as an agent working alongside Tony (he makes me laugh!)! :-)


What is your feel-good DVD that is guaranteed to cheer you up? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days… total chick-flick!


What would be your ideal weekend? A weekend with the girls in Barcelona – the last one was so much fun!!


Favourite quotes: "Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no-one's watching" and "No man is worth your tears and the one who is won't make you cry!"


Favourite music video: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson… the concept, the choreography, the dancing… it was amazing! The man was a genius.


Favourite colour:. Oh, I don't know. My favourite colour changes all the time!


Favourite flower: Tulips.


Favourite perfume: Alien.


Favourite colour of nail polish: I'm a French manicure kinda girl.


Favourite sport: As a pro-sports dancer I enjoy most sports but I love watching the gymnastics.


Favourite chocolate bar: I'm not a big chocolate fan but on occasion I quite like a Galaxy with a cuppa hot milky tea… mmm.


Favourite cake: Hot chocolate fudge cake… yummy!


Is a Jaffa Cake; a cake or a biscuit? Can I say both?


Favourite pizza topping: Chicken and green peppers please!


What's your signature dish? Fajitas!


What would your last meal be? That's easy… a nice big steak with loads of mash potatoes!


Favourite cartoon character: Donkey from Shrek.


Favourite Super Hero: Definitely Batman. As he says in the film: "Chicks love the car"!


What is your favourite word? Mwah!



How would you spend £1million? I don't know but I would certainly like the opportunity to find out!! :-)


If you were to be Prime Minister for the day, what law would you pass? The working week would be reduced to three days, Tuesday-Thursday! Hurrah! Oh and when the sun is shining in Glasgow it would be a public holiday! :-) Double Hurrah!


If you met God, what would you ask him? I'd ask "Why do bad things happen to good people?"


If aliens landed, what would you show them or teach them first? Are you having a laugh… if aliens landed I wouldn't be hanging around long enough to show/teach them anything! You wouldn't see me for dust!


What or who do you think you were in a previous life? I know how my parents would answer to this question – they'd say "A princess"! :-)


What do you think the Meaning of Life might be? Sorry I haven't a scooby… I just take each day as it comes!


If you could time travel to the past and the future; where would you visit and why? I would go to the future and get next week's lottery results ;-)


If you could have a super-power for a day what would it be and how would you spend your day? I would like to read minds and spend my day finding out how other people think.


If you looked in the trunk of my car you would find? A spare pair of poms, the Rockettes kilts, a box of calendars and some photos of the Rockettes… Apart from that my car is extremely neat and tidy!


What ringtone do you have on your mobile phone at the moment: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. I just love this song! I know this sounds cheesy but it’'s true… it reminds me to try to be a better person.


What's your 'handbag essentials'? Oh goodness – everything but the kitchen sink… so lets have a look… OK I have some make-up, a brush, a nail file, nail varnish, lip balm, deodorant, perfume, moisturiser, hair band, pen, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, phone, purse, vitamin tablets, umbrella, mints, house keys, car keys, tissues, car park fob, pass for work and my diary… all essential to get through the day!


How many pairs of shoes do you own? Far too many to count… I love buying shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes or handbags!!


Heels or trainers? Definitely heels… the higher the better!!


Favourite outfit: My new black body con dress with my 4" black patent heels and matching handbag… super sexy if I do say so myself haha!


You are stranded on a desert island; you can only take 3 items, what would they be and why? Firstly an iPod with all my favourite tunes so I could dance, I would need my phone because I can't live without it… oh and a huge bottle of sunscreen so I can look after my skin! :-)


Best beauty tip: Drink plenty of water; it will keep your skin clear and healthy as well as keeping your energy levels up!


Hottest new fashion tip: Well fashion trends don't always suit everyone… so I'd say just wear what suits you and what you feel comfortable in and you'll look gorgeous!


If you could re-style any celebrity; who would you choose, and how would you make them look better? Jordan… because she is a pretty girl but ruins herself with that whole glamour image. Lose the heavy make-up, huge fake eyelashes and the massive hair - the natural look is far prettier!


Worst male fashion mistake: Where do I start, there are loads… but I will say trousers being too tight or too short… either is a definite no-no!



Who would you want as your lead man in your movie? Arrgghhh too many gorgeous men to choose from… OK, Wentworth Miller… or Colin Farrell… can I have both?


If you had to appear in a musical on Broadway which one would it be? Cats… I love the costumes.


The person/people I most admire are: My family. They are so kind, support me in everything I do and are always there for me no matter what… I don't know what I would do without them.


What is the best gift you have ever received? The brand new sports car my parents bought me for my 21st!


If your house was on fire, what objects would you save? OK I would do a mad dash and try to save the following items in order of priority:


• My family and friends if they were in the house


• My laptop as it has all my photos on it


• My dance videos


• My favourite items of clothing, my favourite shoes and handbags


• Oh and my insurance certificate haha


What is your most cherished item: The watch my parent bought for my 21st – it's something I will keep forever.


If you were on the run and had to change your name to ANYTHING at all, what would you choose? Penelope Pitstop from the Wacky Races cartoon so I could out-run the Police :-)


Who would your ideal car passengers be? Oooh! Lets see I would have Enrique… just in case my CD player wasn't working :-) And Colin Farrell and Wentworth Miller… yes that's right for their personalities… oh and my wee pal Kelly squeezed-in between them! :-)


My proudest accomplishment to date is: Making the Rockettes the UK's top Pro-Sports Dance Team – it's been hard work but really rewarding!


What is the best thing about being a Rockettes Dancer? I just can't imagine my life without the Rockettes, it's so much fun and I just love performing at all the different events we do. I enjoy the challenges the Rockettes brings and striving to be a better dancer.