Cheree Thomson

Personal Details


Birthday: 9th October


Lives: Glasgow


Years on Squad: This is my very first year on the squad


Occupation: Recruitment consultant/Part time dancer/teacher


Height: 5.1


Eye Colour: Blue


Hair Colour: brown/ blonde


Nickname: Cherbear (been called this since I was a baby from my dad then everyone joined in)


Star Sign: Libra


Questions & Answers


Been dancing since: 7ish (late starter lol)


Dance experience: I left school at 15 and went straight to college to study professional dance. I also trained with Visual Statement Performing arts at a young age right up until an adult. From there I performed in many shows, tribute act shows, and teaching.


Favourite style of dance: lyrical/contemporary and heels commercial


What advice would you give to aspiring dancers?

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, Do not allow the negative opinions of others to knock your confidence, if you believe you have it that’s the main thing. Keep in your own lane. Everyone goes at their own speed.



Best advice ever given to me:

Everyone is not your friend.. be carful who you trust.



What is your earliest childhood memory? Believe it or not.. my mum putting me into dance class and me crying to come home, I know, I can’t believe it myself



What I do to keep fit:

Dance, workout at home



Three words that describe me are:

supportive, loud, loyal


How would friends sum you up in one sentence? Cheree is very loyal and trustworthy and has a heart of gold,  Cheree is very black or white, no grey area with cheree (haha just asked my friend)


I'm happiest when: I’m dancing.. it honestly is. I can walk into a dance studio with what feels the world on my shoulders and leave feeling happy and free.. dance is AMAZING for the soul. It’s my therapy.


My claim to fame is: hmmm, I met Lorenzo Amoruso In frasers when I was a teenager, he was my favourite rangers player. I even had ‘cherbear 4 amoruso in the back of my rangers top haha. He signed it and gave me a cuddle. I was star struck.



 My most unusual job: I looked after horses for a week when I was younger. Then it stood on my toe and that was the end of that


If I had a different job I'd be: lawyer


My hobbies are: Dance, socialising and did I say dance...


Pets: none and was never allowed any when I was younger, apart from a fish and I called him Micheal Jackson  (my brother is allergic to animal hair) it ruined my childhood to be fair hahaha.


Most people don't know this about me:

I’m tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside.


What would your Gladiator name be? Hurricane Cher


I've never been able to:

box splits


Things that really annoy me:

wow, do you have all day? Ok the biggest one for me is when people chew loudly. I just can’t deal. Even worse when they breathe loudly while eating


Favourite food: CHINESE FOOD


Favourite movie: Gotti movie


What song will definitely get you up on the dance floor?

Too many to choose from..


What is your favourite roadtrip music playlist?

I like the good old classics , 80s, celine Dion, venga boys, steps, Five, backstreet boys. The list goes on


What was your favourite TV show as a child? Zap..


If you could have a walk-on part in any TV show, what would it be? Eastenders to say.. ‘get outa my pub’ then that would be me lol, always wanted to do that


What is your feel good DVD that is guaranteed to cheer you up? I’m not a film kinda girl unless it’s anything dance wise. I love watching cats, watched it countless times and the white cat is amaaaaazing!!! Also anything gangster, I watch countless amount of documentaries on the New York mafia.


What would be your ideal weekend? To dance in all the London classes and learn from all my idols I follow on Instagram


Favourite location in Scotland: Turnberry hotel is outstanding


Favourite quote: what’s for you wont go by you


Favourite colour: Lilac


Favourite flower: lillies


Favourite perfume: YSL Yvresse


Favourite colour of nail polish: hmmm, don’t really have a favourite


Favourite sport: Dance obvs


Favourite chocolate bar: not a chocolate person so depends what kind of mood I’m in


Favourite cake: sponge cake with icing and sprinkles


Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit? Oh jezo.. now that’s a question.. hmm, I would say biscuit


Favourite pizza topping: spicy chicken


What’s your signature dish? Cheesy pasta 😂😂


What would your last meal be? Anyone who knows me well will know CHINESE FOOD MMMM


Favourite cartoon character: I don’t have one but when I was younger tweety pie was mine back when I was a little girl


Favourite Super Hero: My dad


What is your favourite word? Probably can’t say it..


How would you spend £1million? Buy a house somewhere hot and exotic




If you met God, what would you ask him? I would ask how my mum was..


If aliens landed, what would you show them or teach them first? teach them a wee step ball change then maybe a wee pirouette if they were good enough lol


What or who do you think you were in a previous life? I think I was a boy in my past life as I do have a tom boy side and I think it’s just stuck with me



Do you think the Earth is flat? Well I know it’s round but I can honestly see how people would say it’s flat lol




If you could have a super-power for a day what would it be and how would you spend your day?

Omg this is a great question. My superpower would be to stop time. And go back and forward to past and future


If you looked in the trunk of my car you would find?  I don’t have a car



What ringtone do you have on your mobile phone at the moment? Just the normal iPhone ring tone


What's your 'handbag essentials'? Phone, make up, charger, purse, lip gloss.


How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not really that much tbh..


Heels or trainers? Tricky one, really depends on the day ahead and mood.


Favourite outfit: depends on the event









Biggest hair trauma: I once got a weave and it ruined my hair so bad I had to cut my hair like a boy cut. It was traumatic.



Worst male fashion mistake: Black trainers white socks. BOAK!


Worst chat-up line: Did u just fart? Because you have certainly blew me away! I know, absolutely shocking!! Can’t believe I admitted that.





Who would you want as your lead man in your movie? Kevin Costner


If you had to appear in a musical on Broadway which one would it be? Cats


The person/people I most admire are: I admire people who have been through a tough life and make something of themselves, help and look out for others. You can have a pretty face but a pretty  and loyal soul is worth so much more.


What is the best gift you have ever received?

My son Adam


If your house was on fire, what objects would you save? Phone, charger, pictures of my mum .



What is your most cherished item? Some of my mums belongings she loved healing crystals and I kept them all.


If you were on the run and had to change your name to ANYTHING at all, what would you choose?


Who would your ideal car passengers be? Probably Elvis Presley, we would sing all his classics and have a right laugh. I love him. Then I would drop him off to precilla then pick up Celina Dion and sing all her songs


What is the best thing about being a Rockettes Dancer? The best thing for me being a Rockette dancer is being able to train with my fellow rockette dancers and meeting new friends who share the same passion as I do. I honestly can’t wait to perform on court on game day!