Rockettes Diary - Morocco Beach Soccer 2017

Just home from the most amazing time and experience in Morocco for the 3rd year in a row!


Dancing on the beach with your friends just makes you feel so lucky and grateful to have such an amazing job! Being part of the Scottish Rockettes is the best experience and hobby to have.


We absolutely loved Morocco and the people who live there and how happy they were to see us when we arrived!


I love travelling abroad for gigs and all the preparation that comes along with it. It really brings the team together and you learn more about each other and yourself everyday!


We would start the day off with a nice healthy breakfast to fuel us for the games and then practice all our dances beside the pool to perfect our routines and form before being picked up and taken to the event.


After the event we got dressed up and went for dinner together to celebrate another successful day. Everyone works with each other to help each other improve and looks out for each other, that's what team work is all about!


Morocco is an amazing country and it's great to see how other people live and eat, that's what I love most about travelling – to learn about other cultures and you find you learn more about yourself along the way!


The staff and organisers who work at the event were beyond kind to us all and made us feel so welcome as soon as we arrived and we are so grateful for their kindness and help throughout the full weekend!


We have plenty of trips and events planned for the future and can't wait to see what fun and new exciting challenges they bring!


Hannah Gunn – July 2017