Rockettes Diary - Pretty Muddy 2017

The Scottish Rockettes were excited to support Cancer Research U.K. on Saturday 16th September at Bellahouston Park.


Amber, Holly, Megan, Lauren and I took the challenge of completing our very first Pretty Muddy 5K. It included at least ten challenging obstacles that left us drenched in a combination of water and mud.


We arrived at the park pretty in pink with an inbuilt fear of actually getting muddy. Little did we know what was to come! ha!


We started the Pretty Muddy by stepping foot in a strong-smelling pit of mud to begin our warm-up, where we laughed and danced away with our fellow participants. We were all ready to support each other through the filthy obstacles and put ourselves outside our comfort zone. As soon as I heard the words ‘Ready, Set, Go’ was when I saw all the girls run and hide behind one another as all the volunteers began to throw water over everyone. I managed to avoid that one.


The obstacles involved climbing over the dirty A-frame, space-hopping through mud (personally the most challenging), navigating through the spider’s web, rolling about the mud and crawling through several mud pits along the way. Let me say it's not as easy as it sounds. It was a thought at the time to actually get involved in the obstacles but it was a whole lot of fun and certainly a distraction from the 5K.


When we reached our last kilometre we felt the rain begin and instantly thought it's only going to get muddier which made us all actually run. The final obstacle was by far the most fun, going up a massive inflatable slide straight down into a pile of mud to see the finish line. As much as I was looking forward to it ending, I would happily do it all over again.


We left the park drenched in mud; sopping wet and freezing cold, but we all had an absolute blast and it was all for a fantastic cause. A huge thank you to all of those who donated to the Scottish Rockette’s fundraising page, we managed to raise an incredible total of over £450 for Cancer Research UK!


Laura X